In order to avoid extra ordinary production and or maintenance cost as well minimizing environmental pollution, today’s customer give high attention to the process of selecting the correct valve. Double tight shut-off valves with sealing both up- and downstream are requested more frequently.To meet customer requirements Nether Seal has developed the Dual Expanding Double Block and Bleed Plug Valve (DBBV). Unlike other valves the closure members of the Nether Seal DBBV are not liable to friction, resulting in an exceptionally long life time compared to other type of valves.

With other valves, the double block and bleed function can only be achieved using two valves and a spool piece with a drain valve. The Nether Seal DBBV has the double block and bleed function up- and downstream integrated in one design. Less space and less maintenance for a long period of time can be achieved using the Nether Seal DBBV resulting in cost reduction. Easy operation is ensured with the Nether Seal DBBV executed with hand wheel and gear operation, or optional actuator (electric, hydraulic or pneumatic).

The design of the Nether Seal DBBV is based upon low operational cost and easy maintenance. No special tools are required and both top- and bottom access is possible while the valve remains in-line.

The stem packing can be renewed while the valve is under pressure due to the backseat design , a standard feature of the Nether Seal DBBV.